A big Tree

In preparation for a test on the Windows Vista Operating System I decided to chart out the system links in the Windows Menu. So far I have completed the ‘System and Maintenance’ Branch of ‘Control Panel’. Skipping most of the ‘Help ‘ options I charted 65 destinations. A few of those are repeats – different paths to the same destination, but there are still 10 more branches in ‘Control Panel’. Granted, most of the endpoints in the remaining ‘Control Panel’ branches are already in the ‘System and  Maintenance’ branch (it is easily the largest branch). However, there are still some uncharted locations. Also, I simplified a little; For instance I counted ‘Device Manager’ as a single destination (endpoint) when it actually provides several windows for each device listed – these device windows are directly linked in other parts of ‘Control Panel’. Had I completely charted to each endpoint, even excluding ‘Help’ links, the count would have easily exceeded 100 destinations.

This little project was prompted by the ‘Microsoft Windows Vista Task Reference Recommended Method’ list in the back of my Windows Vista text book. The reference lists 251 different tasks with a single recommended method for each. since there are numerous ways to achieve each task, charting them all out is probably a ridiculous idea. I knew that it would be a big job, so I first searched around for one on the internet, but came up empty.

Just looking the little portion that I have charted, I can’t say that it really makes anything much clearer; this may be the real reason that nobody else thought to try this.


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