power problem

The power jack on my notebook broke again. An easy problem to fix and one I took care myself last time. Although perhaps using a salvaged power jack from a beat up old notebook wasn’t the best idea. This time I ordered a brand new one on ebay; hopefully it lasts longer than the old one.

However after putting everything back together I found that there was still a short in the power plug. The new jack worked fine but I also needed to replace the EIAJ-5 tip from the power supply. I was surprised at how difficult they are to find. I should have been able to pick one up a the neighborhood radio shack but the shack isn’t what it used to be – they didn’t even have them at their online store. The original was a right angle plug which is nice because it reduces the pressure on the poorly designed jack. Unfortunately I was unable to find a replacement right angle EIAJ-5 plug; apparently they stop making them right angle at EIAJ-4. I ended up purchasing a straight tip plug on ebay for $5. Wiring up the new plug to the power supply was a little more complicated than it should have been.

power supply for the CF-72, notice the kinked wire at the plug end; that is where the connection is broken

Opening up the power supply revealed that the dc output contacts where covered by a copper heatsink soldered to the circuit board. removing the heatsink was not difficult, nor was removing the old wire and soldering in the new one.

heatinsink removed
removing the heatsink to gain access to the dc output contacts

The difficult part was reattaching the heatsink; it was so effective I had a hard time keeping the solder fluid long enough for it to stick to the board. I think that some of the fault may lie in my sorry excuse for a soldering iron, but then you know what they say about the craftsman that blames his tools…

In the end it all worked out rather well.

new power cord completed
The new power cord with the straight tip EIAJ-5 plug


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