X11 forwarded to a second Virtual Terminal

With the US-122 working, I wanted a way to remotely control it with my notebook from the couch where I sit and play guitar.  Easy enough with X11 forwarding over ssh. My media server is configured to allow X11 Forwarding. To verify, load the ‘/etc/ssh/ssh_config file into an editor and make sure that the following directive is set:

X11Forward yes

Then at the current desktop press:

(this will switch you to another console)

login as normal at the command line and then start an x session on :1

xinit -- :1

now in that terminal box ssh with X to the media server( using a valid username and ip address)

ssh -Xl username ip.of.media.sever

I then start a gnome session which gives me access to all of the audio software and hardware on  my media server from my notebook computer.


My media server is at ctrl+alt+f9 and my notebook at ctrl+alt+f7 and I can switch between them as necessary.


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