challenge 15


This challenge was one of the most confusing. I had no idea where to start with it. Obviously we are looking for the name of a famous person. The picture is of a calender of a leap year on the January page with the 26th circled. The year is partially  blotched out leaving only a 1 and a 6, we know it is a leap year because of the miniature previous and following months on the calender shows February with 29 days. In the page source we find these messages;

<!-- he ain't the youngest, he is the second -->
<!-- todo: buy flowers for tomorrow -->

We know that the person is a ‘he’ and is associated with the next day, the 27th. This wasn’t enough for me I had to go to the forums, there I found that a lot of people were confused about this one. Knowing the day and that it was likely a birthday, following advice from the hints forum I wikipediaed it and with the aid of a list of leap years (also from wikipedia), I started guessing. I hadn’t even started any code on it when on a hunch hit the solution after only half a dozen tries.

Still, I wanted to try and code the solution and to do so I had to find all the hints. The biggest problem I and others had with this challenge was narrowing the dates, there has been a lot of leap years that have had the 27th land on the same day of the week. However, if you also exclude any years not ending in 6, you are left with only six dates, you can still get the solution by applying other hints to this list. Another way to narrow it down even farther is if you look at the image size. if you add the 1006 to the image dimensions you will get only one date. I may have just made up that last one since nobody mentioned it in the forum. Here is the code I ended up with;

require 'date'
year = 1006 + 608
while year <=  1006 + 800
  y =, 1, 27)
  if y.leap? && y.cwday == 2 && (y.year-6)%10 == 0
    puts y
  year +=1

Then just hit wikipedia with the date and follow the other clues.

Next: python challenge 16; let me straighten this out


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