Gentoo Day Two

Yesterday I spent several hours configuring, compiling and reconfiguring and recompiling the kernel. This morning I finally got the slim, quick and complete kernel I wanted. I believe that I have all my devices supported, and I threw in most of the usb section as modules just in case.

The next task was getting X11 up and running. The latest versions of X leans heavily on hal, and gentoo has really dropped the ball here. I installed gnome-desktop with the assumption that it would pull in X11. Not only did I have to install X11 separately, but X11 left out hal, which is now required to connect X11 to input devices. I ended up wasting a couple of hours this morning rewriting xorg.conf line by line and searching the internet for clues as to why the mouse and keyboard would work in the console but not in X. I finally came across this post, and then in more depth here.

I am now closing in on the 24 hour mark and still no desktop or wireless network. I wonder if all the work involved in installing gentoo in any way colors peoples appreciation of the distro.


3 thoughts on “Gentoo Day Two

  1. The feeling of acomplishment you get by finally getting a fully working and fully customized gentoo system is great. What puts me off in gentoo though is that you have to go over the same process again once you’ve broken your system after an unfortunate system update (they happen more and more often in gentoo lately). I can’t find the motivation to start over again.

    1. Thats what I have been working on for the last little bit here. It took me a while to get the syntax just right. It turns out that numbers are strings not ints in the xml. A lot of wasted time changing the wrong settings there. I learned something, so not a total waste.

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