Xorg Instability in 9.04

My notebook with the touchscreen has become unstable. Enabling the touchscreen always brought a certain amount of instability. In previous versions of Ubuntu the issue presented itself  by dropping the touchscreen device (labeled by xorg ”touchpad”) and changing the sensitivity of the touchpad (labeled by xorg ”mouse”) so that the pointer was barely movable.  The easy fix when this happened was to switch to tty1 (or any tty), log in and rmmod and modprobe the psmouse driver. Occasionally I would then have to log out and back in (or just ctrl-alt-backspace, log in), but usually it just worked.

I am very happy with the increased boot speed and altogether snappiness of Jaunty, but since the upgrade the xorg problem has gotten worse. Now when the driver drops the whole xserver freezes. The computer runs along just fine, I can log in from the network and reboot, but nothing affecting X works. I tried restarting the X server, I tried changing the init level. The strangest thing is that this is all silent, I have not found any errors associated with this behavior. I suspect that it may have something to do with the radeon graphics driver, but there isn’t an alternative. Vesa only goes to 800×600 and fglrx doesn’t work at all.

I may try another distro, although I have my doubts about wether that will do any good. This is likely a kernel/driver issue and as such is likely distro agnostic. Hmm maybe BSD.


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