The Seven Report

I finally got around to fixing up windows 7 after trashing my partition table on my Panasonic  CF-72 during the OS X experiment. I reinstalled it last week but just verified that it would boot and then got back to messing around with OS X. By now I am quite practiced at installing the ATI drivers and coaxing the the touchscreen into working. Here’s a little recap;

  • The ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 (m7) works with the 9500 m9/10 Vista driver
  • The Touchscreen requires software from the CF-72 Win XP driver package; right click the installer select ‘Properties’ and then the ‘Compatibility’ tab and check the box for ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’ . The Win XP drivers are very unstable, as soon as you reboot go to the device manager and update the mouse driver to the one extracted from  the CF-30 ps/2mouse/touchscreen driver. Then calibrate it.
  • The sound isn’t detected, but it is a standard Intel AC97 integrated device; download and install.
  • DHCP does not work on the wifi, set the connection to a known good static address, set the DNS settings and you’re golden.

I can’t say that I have ever been a fan of the Windows operating system. I will readily admit that they have made a lot of progress over the years. However, for all its problems, they hit a high mark with XP. The interface of Vista is a total disaster, and lets face it 7 is just a warmed over Vista. I think that they could have built XP into a better operating system then Vista/7, instead they took the decent parts of XP and buried them under a massive pile of useless eyecandy (Oooh! 3D solitaire!) and ‘wizards’; automated systems that don’t tell you anything about any problems, don’t present you with any choices about the solution, and don’t tell you what they are about to do (or have done). At least it still has its anemic command line intact.

**update**  Damn, it dropped the network as I was posting this. I don’t see myself ever using this OS by choice.

**update** Windows update of the Intel stac97 driver breaks audio, hold that one back. Also, complaints about CyberLink PowerDVD 6 are vastly exaggerated.


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