OS X Leopard 10.5.4 on Panasonic CF-72

I am posting this from Safari on OS X. I went back and tried the JaS Patched Leopard 10.5.4 Client/Server installer disk, and when it got to the point where it froze I started reading up on the last message it posted. I was reading for about 5-10 minutes when the dvd drive started spinning again, the installer was just stuck probing something.

The Install disk gives you 3 different kernel options, it took a false start and a bit of research to figure out that I needed to use the toh  Xnu kernel which was designed for Xeon and early Pentium processors that require sse3 emulation. I also specified ‘cpus=1’ flag at boot up (this turned out to be unnecessary). After I finally got the installer to run, it stalled again at first boot. It finally came up, with no mouse or keyboard. I plugged in a ps2 wired keyboard and that didn’t work either. So I next plugged in my RF mouse/keyboard dongle and found it right away. I had forgotten to include PS2 support, I simply browsed to the dvd and found the package, installed it and then on the next boot up added the -f flag to force rebuild boot configuration file (replacing the kext cache). The next problem was Airport, which sees my BCM4318 wireless card (I did remember to add this one), and even sees my AP, but for some reason would not register an IP or proper DNS server entries. What ended up working is manually specifying everything and then selecting ‘DHCP with Static Address’ . It still stalls while detecting some unknown hardware at boot. The error reads:

Kext[10]: IOKitWaitQuite() timed out while waiting to write kernel symbols

Configd[34]: InterfaceNamer timed out waiting for IOKit to quiesce

It could be just about anything on this notebook.

Now to get the touch screen working!

**update** OK, I have been sifting through the log files and  I found this at the end of a long device probe drill-down:

InterfaceNamer:   MacBookPro4,1/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/PCIB@1E/IOPCI2PCIBridge/CDB1@0,1 [1]

Looking around a bit on the internet finds that this is the PCCard socket. I had noticed during the install that it complained about the PCCard bus and just blew it off as something I didn’t need. I just don’t know if I can prevent it from probing it at boot time. I may have to somehow fix the driver or at least make it assign some kind of null driver to prevent probing.

**update** Whew! I found that removing the IOPCCardFamily and IOPCIFamily drivers stopped the stall at boot, but prevented the loading of my wifi card (a mini pci card). So I reloaded the IOPCIFamily driver and after searching around for a while I found this site that had some patched drivers for the pcmcia cardbus and for airport with bcm4318 wireless. Thanks chunan. Now I have fast boot, working wifi and working pcmcia. Oh yeah, the network card never was an issue (my first guess at the boot stall) it was always the PCCardbus (PCMCIA), I reloaded the driver and now I have working ethernet as well.

Now for that touch screen.


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