fun with apache

I have been studying for the Linux+ certification test lately, and taking my time with it. I like to experiment with these things while I learn about them. So when I got to the part about apache, of course I installed it and tried it on my LAN. Pretty simple really, for a simple web, server apache just works. Virtual hosts take a little more work. Next I wondered if I could host over my internet connection to the rest of the world. A little bit of sleuthing found that the wireless gateway that supplies my connections stealth’s ports 80 and 443, and the firmware locks out redirection of these ports. Since ports can be embedded in a url I set up a non-standard port to redirect to my servers IP at port 80. Boom! it worked. Now I can setup an outside website that redirects to my IP and port number I can host from my own server! Of course my IP is dynamic, and could someday be changed at the whim of my ISP, but I’m just playing here anyway.


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