Ubuntu 9.04 a little too soon

I decided to try out the new Ubuntu 9.04 jaunty jackalope. I set up the upgrade last night and finished it this morning. Despite what the yeah sayer’s may be saying it is yet another rough release, as usual. I am sure that there are many improvements that I am unaware of, some that  will become apparent in the weeks ahead and probably some that are subtle and I may never see. However it is the problems that people tend to see first.

The first thing that I noticed was that my mouse doesn’t click buttons right. This is really strange behavior, it seems to be a nautilus bug but it affects every application that has buttons to click. First single clicks don’t seem to register, and then they get interpreted as double clicks.  In my experience Nautilus has always had problems with buttons.

The biggest disappointment came with the forced upgrade to Amarok 2.2. I tried to use it but it is awful. They added this completely useless and center pane that you are supposed to load plugins into. Three panes suck. I could have lived with it if there was some way to make that center pane go away. Of course all the functionality of the center pane was taken from the old left pane, so no center pane means no track context, lyrics, or artist wikipedia page.

Luckily I found out how to reinstall Amarok 1.4 here. You’d think that the Ubuntu folks would have left it in the repositories, but nope.

Arrgh! this mouse click problem is starting to drive me crazy!

OK. Next day updates fixed the mouse issue.

Nope, problem is back after reboot. It seems to mostly happen right after boot up or right after you start an application. It is like the system is busy so it ignores the mouse button actions.

Ok. Last edit here. Having installed 9.04 on my notebook without issue, and not being able to reproduce this with the other two pointing devices for my computer I have deduced that this issue is conected to my RF mouse. Its not to bad, I just have to wiggle the mouse before I try to click a button. It is odd that I never had this problem before, it must be a new driver issue.


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